FAD has been selling authentic brands for over a decade now. We make sure whatever we sell is imported from the brands’ themselves and from nowhere else. Only by doing this we make sure that we satisfy our esteem customers to fullest. FAD certifies that each item purchased from FAD is original to its trivial detail.

However, in a world with the counterfeit industry of US$600 billion, it is certainly very complicated to understand why this industry exists and why people around the world purchase them knowingly. Maybe because they are paying 1/50th or less for a product which is a replica. The issue arises of authentication when you are buying “original” items at top dollar and you really do not have any clue before it arrives at your doorstep – revealing it’s a fake. Buying online is a tricky business until and unless the online seller guarantees originality of the products on delivery – which none of the online sellers/resellers offer at this present time. Purchasing luxury brands from brands’ own online stores remains safe and genuine. FAD howsoever is devising an application for its esteem customers to make sure when it arrives at your doorstep you can authenticate the item.

All of the luxury brands have been working to provide its customers with authentication tools to counter counterfeit purchases but the reality remains that no major steps are taken to kill this fake industry… as so rightly put by one of the commercial directors of an elitist brand, “Fake buyers are actually buyers of originals, they continue to purchase fake, replicas and counterfeit till the time they “can” purchase an original — actually they remain our inspirational buyers”. This statement itself is a “big” reveal of sorts; the original brands know the counterfeit industry actually is marketing “their” brands for free hence why should “they” indulge in stopping their free marketing.

So it remains a catch 22. Egg and Hen issue. Physical purchases are much easier to check.

The first and foremost is the feel. When you are purchasing an item from a retail place and you pick up the piece, check the minor details, the integrity of the item. The inner seam of the piece (here piece means a clothing item, a leather item, or an accessory item). Counterfeit item manufacturers cannot afford to take care of craftsmanship and the little details. The inner lining in a suit, the pocket inner finish. In an original item everything will line up in a pattern, there will be no miss-match of patterns. There will be no loose threads, unraveling zippers — it will be well made. The logo of the brand will be made in complete detail without any unclarity. Price will match online brand store levels, yes if there is a “sale” on items percentage will correctly reflect minus original pricing.

Now there are many online applications which can provide you with authentication services, www.authenticornot.comwww.certilogo.com many brands have all opted for such services for the facilitation of the customers. As each item has an ID which can be verified by these services for authentication.
FAD will continue its quest to make its customers aware of these fake encounters…..